• [FFC] Neon Flush (LE "Oops" Shade)

  • A bright, creamy coral (leaning neon) with a golden/green glow and chartreuse holographic glitters. This colour does contain neon pigment. Swatches are three coats taken in diffused sunlight.


    Disclaimer: Please note all Oops colours are final sale items. Although Oops colours are born from batches that were made in error (usually due to our glitter wizards putting in a wrong glitter or measurement) they are perfectly usable, unique colours. However, we do not guarantee that any thermal Oops will maintain it’s thermochromatic properties; nor that any neon Oops will maintain colour stability. If you are concerned about this, please avoid purchasing thermal or neon Oops shades.


  • $18.00 SGD