• [KPT] Let's Get Peachy

  • A vibrant and fun thermal polish color inspired by peaches and sunshine. It is a bright yellowish orange color when cold and transitions to a shimmery peach when warm. In different angles or under indirect light, you can catch sight of micro green glitters! 

    Simply apply 2-3 even thin coats to reach full transitioning color effect!

    Swatched by Gaby (@lacquerloon). 

    Please note: Extended exposure of thermal polishes to heat or places of high temperature will decrease the shelf-life and integrity of the thermal polishes. We recommend all thermal polishes be stored in cool temperature to ensure the optimal characteristics of these products. We are not responsible for the integrity of the thermal polishes as a result of your local temperature and storage method of the thermal polishes after purchase.
    The color and density of the polishes in the photos may vary due to lighting and/or your screen monitor resolution.
    Full size bottle - 15ml.
  • $16.00 SGD  $19.50 SGD

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