• This set comes with 3 polishes all designed in celebration of Singapore's 50th Birthday this year! Specially priced at SGD$50 (save SGD$4!!)

    1. This is Home: Fiery pearl red scattered holo with geometric holo pigment! 
    Application: 1-2 coats. Allow 1st coat to dry before applying 2nd coat.

    2. United People: White base scattered holo with geometric holo pigment, and with strong blue+turquoise shimmer/shine!
    Application: 1-3 coats, depending on personal preference. Apply one coat thinly, allow to dry before applying 2nd thicker coat. This polish will self level once drying commences.

    3. Fireworks!: Multicoloured micro holo glitter, with silver, gold, fuchsia, green, blue colours!
    Application: 2 coats for opacity. Each polish has a slight textured finish, removal is relatively easy.



    Singapore's national flag consists of red and white colours. The red represents brotherhood and the white represents purity and virtue. Singapore has come a long way from being a tiny port to the independent and strong nation it is today, and being a united people who feel a strong sense of belonging to Singapore as our home is ever so important as our country continues to progress with our multi-racial and multi-religious society. :)

    Fireworks was inspired by the awesome fireworks display after every national day parade each year! :) It also represents a time of celebration and jubilee for Singapore's 50th year of independence! 

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