• [LPL] This is Home (BSF EXCLUSIVE!)

  • Fiery pearl red scattered holo with geometric holo pigment! 
    Application: 1-2 coats. Allow 1st coat to dry before applying 2nd coat.


    Singapore's national flag consists of red and white colours. The red represents brotherhood and the white represents purity and virtue. Singapore has come a long way from being a tiny port to the independent and strong nation it is today, and being a united people who feel a strong sense of belonging to Singapore as our home is ever so important as our country continues to progress with our multi-racial and multi-religious society. :)


    Swatched by the lovely Alena of @lfcbabe , review here: http://www.thepolishinglife.com/2015/08/lilypad-lacquer-beauty-so-fly-exclusive.html

  • $12.95 SGD  $18.00 SGD