• [Prettypots] Burlesque Baby

  • From the Cinematic Collection, Burlesque Baby is inspired by the glitter, glamour and the complexities of vaudeville show business in the movie 'Burlesque'. 

    Burlesque Baby - a burgundy red jelly teeming with purple dots, orange hex, silver holo diamonds, red dots, holo burgundy hex, black holo hex, micro lemon, matte grape purple stars glitters! Opaque in 2-3 coats. 

    Swatch shows 1 dabbed coat over a medium bright pink.

    Swatched by @lilyandjinks.

    This polish is made with a suspension base that sufficiently prevents glitters from sinking. However if they do, give the bottle a light shake before application. Each bottle also contacts 2 stainless steel ball bearings that would allow even mixing. 

    Full size bottle - 12ml.

  • $16.00 SGD  $18.00 SGD

  • [Prettypots] Burlesque Baby
  • [Prettypots] Burlesque Baby

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