• [Prettypots] Ethereal Dusk

  • Ethereal Dusk - an ultra glittery and sparkly orangey polish that is packed with metallic orange glitters of various sizes, blue squares and brown circles. Polish looks brownish in the bottle but bright orange in the sun. Beautiful when the blue glitters contrast with the orange metallic glitters. Inspired by sunsets, like how dusk is always a mix of orange, blue and brown hues. Opaque in 2-3 coats.

    Swatch 1 - direct sunlight.

    Swatch 2 - sunlight.

    Swatch 3 - indoors. 

    Swatched by Bettina' Nails (@bettinanails).

    This polish is made with a suspension base that sufficiently prevents glitters from sinking. However if they do, give the bottle a light shake before application. Each bottle also contacts 2 stainless steel ball bearings that would allow even mixing. 

    Full size bottle - 12ml.

  • $12.95 SGD  $18.00 SGD